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Colors (Enamel/Gold)

V A S I L I S A jewellery store sell unique sterling silver charm jewellery in different finishing. These charms adds color to your bracelets. Eg, gold plated charm jewelry, enamel jewellery etc.

Beautiful Princess

For all the ladies out there who are stylish all the time. This charm is dedicated to the true di..

RM 83.70 RM 93.00 Ex Tax: RM 83.70

Flower Blooming

Flower blooming bead is an excellent gift for any occasion. Fill your bracelets with sterling sil..

RM 137.70 RM 153.00 Ex Tax: RM 137.70

Garden Flower

This nature inspired jewellery is blooming with white petals and cheerful yellow center. Exclusiv..

RM 105.30 RM 117.00 Ex Tax: RM 105.30

Stroller Baby

The arrival of a new baby is a wonderful time to celebrate. Show the new mom to be appreciation w..

RM 99.00 RM 108.00 Ex Tax: RM 99.00

Greek Parthenon

A classical greek temple of the Athenian Acropolis, Greece. Exclusive by Vasilisa TM .  Qual..

RM 96.00 RM 120.00 Ex Tax: RM 96.00

Multicolor Bead

Let a rhodium plated multicolor bead light up your day. Its color combination is on that represen..

RM 129.00 Ex Tax: RM 129.00

Color of Love

A purple pink color rhodium plated bead full of love. Suitable for any ocassion. Exclusive by Vas..

RM 114.00 RM 123.00 Ex Tax: RM 114.00

18K Gold Flower

For one who deserves gold flowers. The 18K Gold Flower charm is not only a beauty on its own, but..

RM 90.00 RM 135.00 Ex Tax: RM 90.00

Bees Nest Charm

18k gold plated 2 layers Bees Nest Charm. Exclusive by VasilisaTM . Quality nickel free..

RM 120.00 RM 129.00 Ex Tax: RM 120.00

Flower Bloosom Charm2

18k gold plated flower bloosom charm.  Exclusive by VasilisaTM . Quality nickel free be..

RM 111.00 Ex Tax: RM 111.00

Flower Petals Charm

18k gold plated flower petals charm. Exclusive by VasilisaTM . Quality nickel free beads. ..

RM 114.00 RM 123.00 Ex Tax: RM 114.00

Roll by roll charm

18k gold plated Roll by roll charm. Exclusive by VasilisaTM . Quality nickel free beads..

RM 156.00 Ex Tax: RM 156.00

Sunflower Charm

A dedicated pattern of flowers that plated with 18K gold brings you wealth! Perfect for gardener ..

RM 150.00 Ex Tax: RM 150.00

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Enter a magical realm with the Aladdin and The magical lamp charm. Keep it clean by wiping it and..

RM 150.00 RM 171.00 Ex Tax: RM 150.00

Dolphin Show

Experience the magic of the ocean with the 18K gold plated Dolphin Show charm that will put a smi..

RM 153.00 Ex Tax: RM 153.00

Gift for New Moms

To celebrate new moms to be, what better way than with a Gift For New Moms that is plated in 18k ..

RM 147.00 RM 168.00 Ex Tax: RM 147.00

Red Heart

Red heart enamel. Exclusive by VasilisaTM . Quality nickel free beads. ..

RM 63.00 Ex Tax: RM 63.00

Magic The Gather

Forget about the magic 8 ball, for the Magic The Gather charm is the answer to your question.&nbs..

RM 120.00 RM 150.00 Ex Tax: RM 120.00

Spring Blossoms

Spring blossoms and fantastic floral patterns make a perfectly statement with 18K gold plated on ..

RM 132.30 RM 147.00 Ex Tax: RM 132.30

Treasures Box

The Treasure box charm is there for you to carry along all your valued treasure with you wherever..

RM 126.00 RM 156.00 Ex Tax: RM 126.00

Polka Dot Designs

The Polka dot design bead has a tribal feel to it. It is a combination of 18k gold plating with b..

RM 132.00 RM 147.00 Ex Tax: RM 132.00

Flower Bloosom Charm

The 18k gold plated flower blossom charm is simplicity at its best.  Exclusive by VasilisaTM..

RM 111.00 Ex Tax: RM 111.00

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