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How it works

Determine the right size for your bracelet


Measure your Wrist with a flexible tape measurements just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear your bracelet and measure it.


Measure your Wrist with a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear your bracelet and measure it. Mark your size with a pen on that paper. Then measure that paper strip with a ruler.

Add about 2cm room if you like a few charms on your bracelet.

Add about 3cm room if you have full charms for your bracelet.

If you have a 15 cm wrist, you can choose for a 17cm or 18cm bracelet.

For triple leather bracelets, measure your wrist, then multiple by 3 and add about 4cm or 5cm room. If you have a 15cm wrist, you can choose for a 49cm or 50cm triple bracelet.

Use of clasp

Barrel clasp

  1. Open the clasp with tip of nail. Push against side to opens.
  2. Lift and add your desire charms.
  3. Lay open bracelet tip into the clasp firmly. Snap shut.

Lobster clasp

  1. Twist ender to unlock.
  2. Remove ender to load charms.
  3. Twist ender to lock.
  4. Use lobster clasp to clasp on the extender chain or the ender.

Use of stopper/locks/clips

  1. Open the clip with tip of nail. Push against side to opens.
  2. Lay on the bracelet and clip firmly.
  3. Snap shut.

How to add charms to bracelet

  1. Open the lobster clasp or barrel clasp.
  2. Add your desire charms.
  3. Close the lobster clasp or barrel clasp.

Design your Jewellery

There are many ways to design your Jewellery to create style that you desire. We have many ready design bracelet sets for beginner where you can add in any new charms or changing any new charm you like anytime.

If you wish to challenge your creativity, follow the guide below to create a unique bracelet for your own.

Option 1

Give your bracelet a focus point. Choose one charm that act as the center point of your bracelet. It should be unique and outstanding.

Option 2

Choose 2-3 different patterns; repeat the same pattern over your bracelet to create a balance look.


Choose your Bracelet

Vasilisa has three types of bracelets. Each clasp has it own benefits.  Lobster clasp has extended chain where you can adjust your bracelets size depends on the number of charms on have on it, where barrel will have fix size.

  1. Leather bracelets with barrel clasp ( Black & antique color).
  2. 2 in 1 Leather bracelets/necklaces with barrel clasp ( Black & antique color).
  3. Sterling Silver bracelets with lobster clasp and extender chain.
  4. Sterling Silver bracelets with barrel clasp.


Choose your Charms

Design your bracelet with different materials and style. Vasilisa offers variety of style like sterling silver, gold plating, rhodium plating, Italian Murano Glass, Swarovski Elements, cubic zirconia, crystal, natural amber, enamel color, oxidized and many more. You may combine 2-3 styles for better appeal of your bracelet.


Select your Clips/Stopper/Locks

Stopper/locks/Clips are use to space out charms and hold them in their own section on the bracelet. It is also use to avoid the charms from falling away from your bracelet while you unclasp your bracelet.


Select your Spacer (Optional)

This is just an additional to fill up empty space on your bracelet. It can also use to keep charms from rubbing against each other. It can also act as a small charm on your bracelet to bring interest into your pattern.

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