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Beautiful Princess

For all the ladies out there who are stylish all the time. This charm is dedicated to the true di..

RM 83.70 RM 93.00 Ex Tax: RM 83.70

Garden Flower

This nature inspired jewellery is blooming with white petals and cheerful yellow center. Exclusiv..

RM 105.30 RM 117.00 Ex Tax: RM 105.30

Greek Parthenon

A classical greek temple of the Athenian Acropolis, Greece. Exclusive by Vasilisa TM .  Qual..

RM 96.00 RM 120.00 Ex Tax: RM 96.00

Dolphin Show

Experience the magic of the ocean with the 18K gold plated Dolphin Show charm that will put a smi..

RM 153.00 Ex Tax: RM 153.00

Hot Air Balloon

Let celebrate the hot air balloon festival with this unique dangling charm, exclusive by Vasilisa..

RM 162.00 RM 180.00 Ex Tax: RM 162.00

The Wings

It is like the wing of a fairy. Colourful and a special made design for all the fairy lovers out ..

RM 90.00 RM 135.00 Ex Tax: RM 90.00

Sparkling Pink Shopping Bag

Sparkling pink color CZ shopping bag is exclusively made for all the shopping queens out there. E..

RM 90.00 Ex Tax: RM 90.00

Shopping Queen

Let this Shopping Queen charm be an indication for your love to shop, where it be offline or onli..

RM 102.60 RM 114.00 Ex Tax: RM 102.60

TGI Fridays Happy Hour

TGI Friday's Happy Hour charm is for the party goers who are ready so say bye to weekdays and hel..

RM 96.00 RM 105.00 Ex Tax: RM 96.00

Vintage Car

This Vintage Car charm represents a Mini, one of the best selling cars of the 20th century. There..

RM 99.90 RM 111.00 Ex Tax: RM 99.90

Princess Yachts

Party on the princess yacht, traveling around the world. Exclusive by Vasilisa TM . Quality nicke..

RM 90.00 RM 111.00 Ex Tax: RM 90.00

Lucky Dice

Lucky dice charm. For the ones who take the risk. Exclusive by Vasilisa TM .  Quality nickel..

RM 108.00 RM 120.00 Ex Tax: RM 108.00

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