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18K Gold Flower

For one who deserves gold flowers. The 18K Gold Flower charm is not only a beauty on its own, but..

RM 90.00 RM 135.00 Ex Tax: RM 90.00

Bees Nest Charm

18k gold plated 2 layers Bees Nest Charm. Exclusive by VasilisaTM . Quality nickel free..

RM 120.00 RM 129.00 Ex Tax: RM 120.00

Roll by roll charm

18k gold plated Roll by roll charm. Exclusive by VasilisaTM . Quality nickel free beads..

RM 156.00 Ex Tax: RM 156.00

Sunflower Charm

A dedicated pattern of flowers that plated with 18K gold brings you wealth! Perfect for gardener ..

RM 150.00 Ex Tax: RM 150.00

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Enter a magical realm with the Aladdin and The magical lamp charm. Keep it clean by wiping it and..

RM 150.00 RM 171.00 Ex Tax: RM 150.00

Dolphin Show

Experience the magic of the ocean with the 18K gold plated Dolphin Show charm that will put a smi..

RM 153.00 Ex Tax: RM 153.00

Love Spacer

Love Spacer. Exclusive by VasilisaTM . Quality nickel free beads. ..

RM 45.00 Ex Tax: RM 45.00

Gift for New Moms

To celebrate new moms to be, what better way than with a Gift For New Moms that is plated in 18k ..

RM 147.00 RM 168.00 Ex Tax: RM 147.00

Golden Stopper

18k gold plated stopper. Exclusive by VasilisaTM . Quality nickel free beads. ..

RM 81.00 Ex Tax: RM 81.00

Magic The Gather

Forget about the magic 8 ball, for the Magic The Gather charm is the answer to your question.&nbs..

RM 120.00 RM 150.00 Ex Tax: RM 120.00

Treasures Box

The Treasure box charm is there for you to carry along all your valued treasure with you wherever..

RM 126.00 RM 156.00 Ex Tax: RM 126.00

Polka Dot Designs

The Polka dot design bead has a tribal feel to it. It is a combination of 18k gold plating with b..

RM 132.00 RM 147.00 Ex Tax: RM 132.00

Yellow Marble Amber

Amber has been used by Native American and Eastern Indians to bring good luck to warriors. Amber ..

RM 117.00 Ex Tax: RM 117.00

Light Yellow Amber

The Light Yellow Amber has been used in jewelry since prehistoric times. Amber is believed to hav..

RM 117.00 Ex Tax: RM 117.00

Yellow Brown Amber

The most obvious quality of the Yellow Brown Amber is its old energy. With it comes the accumulat..

RM 117.00 Ex Tax: RM 117.00

Yellow Black Amber

The Yellow Black Amber was considered  the "soul of the tiger" in Asian cultures and regarde..

RM 117.00 Ex Tax: RM 117.00

The Crown Jewels

If you feel you deserve a crown or know someone who does, then be royal with The Crown Jewels cha..

RM 102.00 Ex Tax: RM 102.00

Make A Wish

Wishes…an expression of desire. Make a wish now, and may it come true. Exclusive by Vasilisa TM ...

RM 102.00 Ex Tax: RM 102.00

Lucky Dice

Lucky dice charm. For the ones who take the risk. Exclusive by Vasilisa TM .  Quality nickel..

RM 108.00 RM 120.00 Ex Tax: RM 108.00

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