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Buy a gift for your love one and yourself with Vasilisa Starter Set Bracelet. It is made of 100% Italian Sterling Silver and High Quality Leather. Let your imagination run wild with Vasilisa starter set. Be creative, be confident, be you! 

The Vasilisa - Sterling Silver Barrel Bracelet

FREE 1 Italian Murano Glass with 925 Sterling Silver (Italian Murano Glass are handmade in Italy the..

RM 170.10 RM 285.00 Ex Tax: RM 170.10

Dark Leopard Brown Leather

Surprise her with a Dark Leopard Brown Leather Bracelet. Perfect for any occasion. Come with exclusi..

RM 99.00 RM 210.00 Ex Tax: RM 99.00

Pink Butterfly

Pink Butterfly, Perfect for couples in love.  Exclusive by VasilisaTM . ..

RM 270.00 RM 285.00 Ex Tax: RM 270.00

Soft Italian Sterling Silver Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver High Quality Soft Bracelet With lobster claps and extender chain. Material: 925 ..

RM 105.00 RM 225.00 Ex Tax: RM 105.00

Gold Treasure Leather Bracelet

Gold Treasure Leather Bracelet for the ones feeling like royalty. Exclusive by VasilisaTM. Qualit..

RM 270.00 Ex Tax: RM 270.00

A Gift for yourself

A Unique gift for yourself! You can add on charms anytime you like! Exclusive by Vasilisa . ..

RM 198.00 RM 207.00 Ex Tax: RM 198.00

Spice Up your Life

Starter kit to spice up your life. Add new charm anytime you like. Exclusive by Vasilisa.   ..

RM 240.00 RM 255.00 Ex Tax: RM 240.00

The Ocean's Miracle

Have you ever think of living in the deep blue ocean? The deep blue ocean, full of  miracle...

RM 186.00 RM 297.00 Ex Tax: RM 186.00

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