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The most popular jewellery offer by V A S I L I S A

We offer variety of special design jewellery sets. Buy unique jewellery gifts for your love one without any hassle. From leather jewellery, swarovski charms, 925 sterling silver jewellery and lots of  V A S I L I S A jewellery collections. 

Special Gift Set ( I love you )

Available Bracelet Size: 15cm, 17cm, 19cm Suitable for any occasionAffordable Gift for your friends ..

RM 280.00 RM 546.00 Ex Tax: RM 280.00

Thanks in a unique way ( Bracelet Set )

Affordable Gift for your friends and love one.Come with adorable Gift Box, bag and pouch. 1 Year Pro..

RM 348.60 RM 498.00 Ex Tax: RM 348.60

Dark Leopard Brown Leather

Surprise her with a Dark Leopard Brown Leather Bracelet. Perfect for any occasion. Come with exclusi..

RM 99.00 RM 210.00 Ex Tax: RM 99.00

My Queen My Angel My wife

You are that which completes me. The thrill that is of my abstract adventure. The beauty of my ex..

RM 447.00 RM 642.00 Ex Tax: RM 447.00

I'll love you forever

Till the oceans dries, till the sun dims, I'll still be loving you forever and for eternity. The ..

RM 603.60 RM 759.00 Ex Tax: RM 603.60

My wish, for you. I love you!

My wish, for you is for you to be loved, now till forever! ..

RM 555.00 RM 696.00 Ex Tax: RM 555.00

Special Gift Set ( Flower Blossom )

Available Bracelet Size: 15cm, 17cm, 19cmSuitable for any occasionAffordable Gift for your friends a..

RM 271.20 RM 339.00 Ex Tax: RM 271.20

Gift Shopping Eating Flower

Gift Shopping Eating Flower is perfect for the shopaholic. Exclusive by Vasilisa . ..

RM 729.60 RM 912.00 Ex Tax: RM 729.60

Holiday with me?

When you are on holiday or on a cruise, Holiday with me would be the perfect essocery. ..

RM 462.00 RM 663.00 Ex Tax: RM 462.00

Pink Butterfly

Pink Butterfly, Perfect for couples in love.  Exclusive by VasilisaTM . ..

RM 270.00 RM 285.00 Ex Tax: RM 270.00

Pure & simple love...

Simple....and Sweet. Full of little joys and appreciation ..

RM 672.00 RM 840.00 Ex Tax: RM 672.00

Secret love

Secret love that is kept hidden from the world to see, except for you. ..

RM 909.60 RM 1,137.00 Ex Tax: RM 909.60

YOU are amazing! just because you’re YOU

YOU are amazing!  You may forget sometimes, but someone always sees the amazing things about..

RM 1,299.00 RM 1,446.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,299.00

Gold Treasure Leather Bracelet

Gold Treasure Leather Bracelet for the ones feeling like royalty. Exclusive by VasilisaTM. Qualit..

RM 270.00 Ex Tax: RM 270.00

Violet Energy Bracelet (S4)

Magic, mystery and royalty. Re-balance your life, peace of mind, remove obstacles, increase imagi..

RM 780.00 RM 822.00 Ex Tax: RM 780.00

A Gift for yourself

A Unique gift for yourself! You can add on charms anytime you like! Exclusive by Vasilisa . ..

RM 198.00 RM 207.00 Ex Tax: RM 198.00

Spice Up your Life

Starter kit to spice up your life. Add new charm anytime you like. Exclusive by Vasilisa.   ..

RM 240.00 RM 255.00 Ex Tax: RM 240.00

Blue Angel Bracelet

Blue Angel Bracelet. Exclusively design by VasilisaTM Jewellery. Blue Mur..

RM 780.00 RM 804.00 Ex Tax: RM 780.00

The Ocean's Miracle

Have you ever think of living in the deep blue ocean? The deep blue ocean, full of  miracle...

RM 186.00 RM 297.00 Ex Tax: RM 186.00

Monday WOOHOO Bracelet

Without Vasilisa, Monday BLUE.....:( With Vasilisa, Monday WOOHOO !!!! Exclusively design by Vasi..

RM 1,464.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,464.00

Nature Garden Bracelet

A nature garden lobster clasp bracelet design. Perfect for garden and nature lover. Lets protect ..

RM 1,668.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,668.00

Pink Lady Bracelet

Pink lady lovely bracelet design. Exclusively design by VasilisaTM Jewellery. ..

RM 885.00 Ex Tax: RM 885.00

Bring Me Luck

Amber has been used by Native American and Eastern Indians to bring good luck to warriors. Amber ..

RM 756.00 Ex Tax: RM 756.00

Love Nature

Specially design for garden lover.  ..

RM 708.00 Ex Tax: RM 708.00

Magic Doll

A russian folk tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful",  narrate a beautiful and brave Vasilisa (means..

RM 714.00 Ex Tax: RM 714.00

Cheer Up

Amethyst generally used by healers to focus the power of energy and bring spiritual awareness and..

RM 708.00 Ex Tax: RM 708.00

Pink Butterfly Leather Bracelet

Pink Butterfly Leather Bracelet.  Exclusive by VasilisaTM. Quality nickel free bracelet..

RM 573.00 Ex Tax: RM 573.00

Sparkling Bracelet

A perfect choice for your wife, your friends or your family with this special VasilisaTM bracelet..

RM 720.00 Ex Tax: RM 720.00

The Brave Vasilisa

It helps you to release fear and anxiety. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make deci..

RM 684.00 Ex Tax: RM 684.00

I Love Shopping

Especially design for shopaholics! Home shopping direct ! ..

RM 648.00 Ex Tax: RM 648.00

Black Power Bracelet

Power, Wealth and Mystery. Exclusively design by VasilisaTM Jewellery. Dark Sh..

RM 1,674.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,674.00

Cheerful & Lucky Bracelet

Sparkling red barrel clasp bracelet brings you luck & cheer you up. Exclusively design by Vas..

RM 1,992.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,992.00

Heartwarming - I Love You

Say I love you to someone special in your life with this sentimental and heartwarming precious br..

RM 795.00 Ex Tax: RM 795.00

I love my wife bracelet set

I love My wife because of forgiveness, faith, trust, humor, passion and friendship. BUY A GI..

RM 735.00 Ex Tax: RM 735.00

I Love You Angel Bracelet

I love you angel bracelet. Exclusively design by VasilisaTM Jewellery. Swarovs..

RM 852.00 Ex Tax: RM 852.00

Mom Bracelet Set

Show your love to your mom with this special unique bracelet set. BUY A GIFT FOR HER NOW. Ex..

RM 591.00 Ex Tax: RM 591.00

My Childhood Bracelet

Carry your childhood with you, you never become older. Exclusively design by VasilisaTM Jewellery..

RM 1,437.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,437.00

Prosperity Bracelet

Red is an auspicious color, a positive color. It could jump start your love life, ignite your luc..

RM 1,704.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,704.00

Violet Energy Bracelet

Magic, mystery and royalty. Re-balance your life, peace of mind, remove obstacles, increase imagi..

RM 1,500.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,500.00

Violet Energy Bracelet (S3)

Magic, mystery and royalty. Re-balance your life, peace of mind, remove obstacles, increase imagi..

RM 801.00 Ex Tax: RM 801.00

Violet Energy Bracelet (S5)

Magic, mystery and royalty. Re-balance your life, peace of mind, remove obstacles, increase imagi..

RM 936.00 Ex Tax: RM 936.00

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